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And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies

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30 May 1984
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Gurl Calm Yourself.

i'm a 26 year old administrative assistant at a law firm. i'm a theistic evolutionist and i enjoy asian ball-jointed dolls, crocheting, knitting, photography, and computer graphics. i like reading manga, horror, and psychological thrillers. i love anime, but not as much now since it's become so mainstream. and i'm also an avid sims 2 player, and trying to start a legacy, even though i usually get bored by the second generation. I also wrote fanfics a long time ago, Adult Fanfiction. I also have a graphics community over at multigrains



Dolls Owned: SM Dia Boy, Volks Ruby, DZ Xmas Baby, IH Benny, IH Gentle Soo Ri, LTF Ante, Soom MD Chalco, Blythe Baby Breath, Fashion Royalty's Soul Deep Adele, Tom of Finland :D

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